Cisco 10GBASE-CX4 X2 transceiver module for CX4 cable, copper, InfiniBand 4X connector

Price: $360.00
Part Number: X2-10GB-CX4
Compatiblity: 100% Cisco Compatible
Availability: In Stock
Warranty: Lifetime

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  • The Cisco 10GBASE-CX4 Module supports link lengths of up to 15m on CX4 cable.
  • Support 10GBASE Ethernet
  • Hot-swappable input/output device plugs into an Ethernet X2 port of a Cisco switch or router to link the port with the network
  • Provides flexibility of interface choice
  • Supports "pay-as-you-populate" model
  • Has optical interoperability with respective 10GBASE Xenpak, 10GBASE XFP and 10GBASE SFP+ modules on the same link
  • Part Number: X2-10GB-CX4
  • Device Type: Cisco X2 CX4
  • Package: X2
  • Data Rate: 10.3Gbps
  • Wavelength: -
  • Distance/Power Budget: 15m
  • Optical Components
    • LD: -
    • PD: -
  • Output Power: -
  • Receiver Sensitivity: -
  • Power Supply Voltage: 3.3V/5V
  • Connector: InfiniBand 4X connector
  • Fiber Type: -
  • Operating Temperature: 0~70 °C
  • DDMI: Without
  • Application: 10 Gigabit Ethernet
  • Compatiblity: 100% Cisco Compatible

SFPEX is the original manufacturer of Cisco X2 CX4 X2-10GB-CX4 - Cisco 10GBASE-CX4 X2 transceiver module for CX4 cable, copper, InfiniBand 4X connector. We have ready stock for X2-10GB-CX4 and can ship it out in two business days. We guarantee the X2-10GB-CX4 transceiver module to work in your system and all of our X2-10GB-CX4 transceiver modules come with a lifetime warranty.

The X2-10GB-CX4 is a Class 1 laser product. It fully complies with the multi-sourcing agreement (MSA) which enables it to work in all MSA compliant platforms. The X2-10GB-CX4 must be operatred within the specified temperature and voltage limits. The optical ports of the module shall be terminated with an optical connector or with a dust plug.

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